3 vs Infinite: The Changes of Marvel vs Capcom

3 vs Infinite: The Changes of Marvel vs Capcom

After a grueling 6 years we can finally air combo and advance guard to our hearts content again. The beloved Marvel VS Capcom has yet another game to add to the series and with each game it brings a slew of new changes, new mechanics, new characters and of course a new meta.

Everyone has their favorites so let’s start off with the character roaster from each game. In the original game, Marvel VS. Capcom 3: Fate of two worlds the roaster ended at 38 characters, with only two fighters being DLC. Later on, with the expansion of ultimate, 12 new challengers approached the scene ready to scrap and rounding off the roaster to nice 50. It was a 6 on 6 split for each side, Ghost Rider, Hawkeye, Doctor Strange, Iron Fist, Nova, Rocket Racoon for Marvel while Capcom had Fire brand, Strider Hiryu, Nemesis, Vergil, Phoenix Wright, and Frank West.

Marvel VS. Capcom Infinite’s roaster looks anything but infinite as fans pointed out the exclusion of the X-men due to legal issues. Nevertheless, the infinite full roaster ends at 30 with a 15 for each side split. Its, not done yet however, as Black Panther, Sigma, Monster Hunter, Winter Soldier, black Widow and Venom have all been confirmed to be part of the game as DLC.

We can only hope that our favorites will later round off the roaster, I don’t know about you, but Phoenix Wright was probably the hypest hyper combo when that cornered theme hit.

A huge change transition between the two would be the number two. Marvel VS Capcom changes up the team composition, now it only allows two fighters per team rather than a team of three. The series started with the traditional 1 vs 1 then later on with games it was 2 vs 2 then 3 vs 3, it’s interesting to see it’s return. Maybe this would be a case where less means more.

The technicality isn’t hampered by the loss of the third teammate however, due to the return of the infinity stones. These may seem like a new upcoming idea for the series, but they were used before in another game. They were introduced on Marvel Super Heroes way back on the arcade during 1995.

There are 6 stones in the game, and unlike the other one, can’t be stolen by the other player. Each stone compliments a play style and obviously some are better for a specific team. The stones are Power, Time, Space, Reality, Mind and Soul. They come with 2 abilities that can be used at any time, but shouldn’t be used just anytime, they are known as Surge and Storm.

Power, likes the name suggests does just that to the playstyle. Surge would allow a short attack that, if the enemy were next to a corner, then that will make them hit the wall then bounce back towards the player who has an air combo waiting just for them. Storm grants the player increased damage and curses the enemy with no recovery from the punishment.

Time surge grants heavy oriented characters to dash giving them mobility to be at the right place at the right time during switching. Ever play the Flash in Injustice 1 or 2? Well Time Storm lets you basically be the flash. All recovery frames on normal and specials are done away with so during that time, you’ll see some ridiculous… infinites.

Space surge ironically doesn’t make space for you, it does the opposite. Instead, it pulls opponents near you, cancelling all the zoners harassing you. Storm attaches a big blue square to the enemy, they are confined to the square and although not totally helpless, they are severely limited to defend themselves.

Reality surge bends reality and makes the opponents reality a living nightmare. It shoots a slow-moving projectile with a one way path to the enemy character, great for characters with no projectile or even better for characters who already have a ton. Storm makes it rain with a storm of attacks on screen. Each attack Light punch, light kick, etc triggers an elemental power like a horizontal or vertical beam.

Mind surge let’s you play the mind games, with it you’ll be able to use a summon a yellow orb that will grapple the opponent in front of you, leaving them stunned. It may sound underwhelming, but that stun could mean the difference in a pro match, giving them a desperate mix up option. Storm is basically a pit stop where it quickly refills your meter gauge, perfect for meter minded characters or strategies.

Soul definitely brings soul to the game and reminds us how crazy the series is, and we love it for that. Soul surge lets the player shot a pathetic short attack at the opponent, if it connects, then their life is drained and added to yours. Soul Storm let’s your KO character get back in the fight with some health and no need for a switch because during this time you control both of them at the same time. Making for some insane combo for a comeback victory.

The game plays well and has insane depth, the graphics however, is another thing. Fans noted that they liked 3’s cartoon and comic look( and they didn’t complain about Chun-Li’s face in that game) which Infinite has mostly been gone with.

This is just a small comparison to a few things about most games, although different, we enjoy both to the same meter level.