Set Up Your Dojo in Street Fighter 5 Now

Set Up Your Dojo in Street Fighter 5 Now

I can only show you the door. You're the one that has to walk through it.

While downloading the latest Street Fighter 5 update on PS4, we were looking up information on the newly released Dojo Mode. Players can start their own dojo or look for one to join. They work kind of like clans and allow all kinds of cool interaction and customization. You could recruit serious tournament players, casuals, people who only play on weekends--whatever criteria you like. You can customize the look of your dojo by buying random items in-game at the Street Fighter 5 store. We will show you how we set up Dojo Mode below.

Getting Started in Street Fighter 5 Dojo Mode

Here is some video from when our writer GtVSlayer set up his dojo during the SFV update. Then there is some in-game footage of how it looks and works.

Create Your SFV CFN Account

Go to Capcom's SFV CFN Site and create your account.

Setting Up Your Dojo

Click to set up your Dojo from the top menu and go through all the settings. You can even make a flyer and send out a tweet from the website inviting players to your dojo!

Buy Items For Dojo Mode

It will cost you 500 Fight Money a pop for 10 random items to put in your Dojo. In-game go to the Shop and click on Fighting Chance and scroll to the bottom. In the video above, you can see the 30 items we acquired.

Setting Up Items in Your Dojo

Go back to the CFN Site, click on Dojo from the drop down menu and find the link saying "DOJO CUSTOMIZE" on the left side of the screen. Check out the stegosaurus we put in our dojo

Dojo Players VS Regular Online Players

Here is some footage showing you how Dojo players look in-game!

by Garry Gordon