Soulcalibur Crossovers You Never Heard Of

Soulcalibur Crossovers You Never Heard Of

Soulcalibur is known for its cast of memorable characters and innovative combat design. During the PS2 era, Soulcalibur felt like it reigned supreme over most fighters in its genre. It was so influential that everybody seemed to want a piece of its pie, which could be seen in the numerous cameos made within each game. Remember Link, Yoda, and Darth Vader? How about KOS-MOS or Dante? Heihachi and Spawn? Lloyd Irving (Tales of Symphonia)? Ezio… the list goes on. Each game features popular characters from pop culture during its release, with Soulcalibur VI showing off Geralt of Rivia manning the cameos along with 2B from Nier Automata. Still, Soulcalibur isn’t just a place to see your favorite characters fighting in a new perspective, no. Often, these characters will find themselves cast in cameo appearances, too. Today, we’re going to look at the five best Soulcalibur cast cameos in other games.

Smash Court Tennis Pro Tournament 2 - Cassandra Alexandra & Raphael Sorel

What’s the last place you expect to see a character from a prominent fighting game? Probably a tennis game. In Smash Court Tennis on PS2, launched in 2004 to average reviews, both Cassandra and Raphael are unlockable playable characters. By completing the arcade mode on Pro with a female and a male character, you’ll gain access to two of Soulcalibur’s most memorable characters. While it’s not the most action packed entry, fans of both Soul Caliburn and Smash Court Tennis were pretty thrilled.

Ridge Racer - Astaroth & Kilik

The cameos in Ridge Racer are more unique in nature. It’d be a pretty unusual cameo for these characters to make appearances in a grounded in reality racer like Ridge Racer. With that said, Astaroth and Kilik make appearances as manufacturing company. In this world, Astaroth is a manufacturer of tires and suspension units, while Kilik manufactures exterior parts. It’s worth noting that Yoshimitsu, a Tekken mainstay but Soulcalibur guest, makes an appearance as a race product or sponsor, along with the remainder of the Tekken cameos. This one makes our list on innovation value alone.

Pac-Man Fever - Astaroth

A rather popular Soulcalibur character, Astaroth makes another cameo in Pac-Man Fever, a poorly received “board game” game. In Pac-Man Fever, players choose a character from one of a number of Namco games (here’s where Astaroth, one of the pieces, comes in). The game works in a similar fashion as Mario Party, where you move your character piece around a predetermined game board and engage in mini games to lay claim to victory. Unfortunately, the game wasn’t very good. Still, it’s always cool to see some of your favorite characters in party games - and this is no different.

Warriors Orochi 3 - Sophitia Alexandra

Koei Tecmo is well known for its hack-and-slash dynasties. From Samurai Warriors to Dynasty Warriors to Hyrule Warriors to Warriors Orochi and more, Koei garnered a die hard set of fans dedicated to mashing buttons and wiping out thousands of enemies. Of these series, Warriors Orochi - 3 in particular - brought together characters from each of the mainstay franchises, and it reached out and snagged some from other related titles. In Warriors Orochi 3, Sophitia Alexandra is sucked out of her world after the events of Soulcalibur IV and tossed straight into the Warriors Orochi action. She plays as a Technique style character, focusing less on raw strength and more on combos. Warriors Orochi 3 almost takes our number one spot due to its incredible roster of cameo characters and the in depth time you get to spend with them.

Project X Zone 2 - Natsu

Project X Zone 2, developed by Xenoblade Chronicles developer Monolith Soft, is one of the most expansive and immersive crossover games in the history of gaming. This strategy RPG takes characters from Bandai Namco, Capcom, Nintendo, and Sega and tosses them all together to create a special experience. The game grabs characters from Xenoblade Chronicles to Resident Evil to Street Fighter to Soulcalibur and on and on. Natsu makes the roster from Soulcalibur V as a Solo unit - used in conjunction with paired units to assist in damage dealing and more. Any game that lets you control upwards of 58 of your favorite characters from a handful of your favorite games deserves to be mentioned, and this one certainly wears the crown.

By Evan Schwab