Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition Sakura Guide

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition Sakura Guide

Table of Contents

1. SFV Sakura Introduction

2. Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition Introduction

3. How to Execute Sakura’s Moveset in SFV:AE.

4. How to execute Sakura’s Combos.

5. Sakura Strategy & Tips

1. SFV Sakura Introduction

“The most popular… ME?”

Recently polled internationally as the most popular Street Fighter character, Sakura’s arrival in Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition is long overdue. After seeing Ryu win the first tournament, Sakura started training to fight in the competition wearing similar colors--but in a schoolgirl outfit. She looked up to Ryu as she joined the cast in Street Fighter Alpha 2. Karin was her rival at that time. She now looks at Ryu as a rival in 5. Aside from some weird fixation we see in her story mode, this is a more grown up Sakura that has entered college and works at her local arcade.

2. Street Fighter V: Arcade Mode Introduction

Street Fighter V: Arcade Mode is the culmination of all of Capcom’s invested interest in developing the 1-on-1 competitive fighting game genre. Seemingly rushed out to be available in time to qualify for EVO 2016, vanilla Street Fighter 5 seemed deep enough, relying on the V-Trigger system to spice up the action in the game. Street Fighter V released content in ‘seasons’. Season 1 and 2 saw the release of a multitude of dlc fighters and balance updates. As Arcade Edition releases, we enter season 3 and see more in-depth balance updates and Sakura as the kick-off character. You will get to face a lot of the dlc characters in the new Arcade Mode in SFV: Arcade Edition

3. SFV Sakura Moveset

Here is a short guide to executing Sakura’s arsenal of attacks in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition.


F = Tap towards the opponent laterally on the control pad or joystick (Forward)

B = Tap away from the opponent laterally on the control pad or joystick (Backwards)

D = Tap towards you (or Down) on the control pad or joystick

U = Tap away from you (or Up) on the control pad or joystick

N = (Neutral) Avoiding tapping any directions on the control pad or joystick during the input.

DF = Tap diagonally down and forward at the same time on the control pad or joystick.

DB = Tap diagonally down and backward at the same time on the control pad or joystick

LP = Tap the Light Punch button

MP = Tap the Medium Punch button

HP = Tap the Heavy Punch button

LK = Tap the Light Kick button

MK = Tap the Medium Kick button

HK = Tap the Heavy K0ick button

+ (plus sign) = The listed button and control pad/joystick presses must be pressed simultaneously.

, (comma) = The listed moves, button presses, and control pad or joystick presses are performed in sequential order.

V-Gauge = This is the meter at the bottom of the screen that has a V next to it and is measured in segments. This meter fills from using blocking and being hit and through various other means, based on the character. Performing a V-Reversal requires one filled segment of the V-Gauge. Activating the V-Trigger requires a full V-Gauge.

EX Meter = This meter fills from performing fighting moves. Effective attacking fills this meter faster. Enhanced, or EX, moves require one segment of the EX Meter to be filled. A full EX meter allows the player to perform a Critical Art.

Stand Out Basics

Medium Elbow

(Close Range) MP

This close range attack can be followed up by several different basic attacks such as D+MK, B+HP, and more which can extend the combos to specials and criticals.

Ducking Forward Kick

D + MK.

This attack sets up beautifully into many different follow-up attacks. It seems to be very effective for applying the V-trigger II version of the Shunpukyaku with a fast hit confirm.

Basic Throws:


F or N + LK + LP

Sakura Shoulder Throw

B + LK + LP

Sailor Hop

(Midair) LP + LK


V-Triggers require a full V-Gauge; you select V-Trigger I or II before the match starts).

V-Trigger I - Haru Arashi


V-Trigger II - Sakura Senpu


V-Skill Adaptations:

Haru Kaze


Sakura Otoshi

MP + MK, ANY PUNCH (Tap any punch up to three times.)




MP + MK, (Midair/Close) LP + LK


Floral Spin

(Performed while blocking) F + LK + MK + HK (V-Reversals consume one segment of the V-gauge.)

Unique Attacks:

Floral Kick

F + MK

Funko Upper

B + HP

Can be canceled into a special attack. Following up with the Tengyo Hadoken will allow extra juggle hits.

Chin Buster Kick

Diagonally DF + HK

Special Moves:


D, DF, F + ANY PUNCH (Hold down the punch button used to alter the Hadoken’s properties, then release it.)

Tengyo Hadoken

D, DF, F + ANY KICK (Hold down the kick button used to alter the Tengyo Hadoken’s properties, then release it.)





Airborne Shunpukyaku

(During forward jump) D, DB, B + ANY KICK


(While V-Trigger I is active) HP + HK

Critical Art:

Sakura Rain

D, DF, F, D, DF, F + Punch (Altered during V-Trigger I)

EX Moves:

EX Hadoken


EX Shouoken


EX Shunpukyaku


Sets up a combo when used in the corner.

SFV Sakura Combos

Sakura | V-Trigger II and Critical Art Crossover Killer

Cross over your opponent with a jumping LK or MK, D + HP, V-Trigger II (HP + HK), D + MK, Shunpukyaku, Haru Kaze (Tap and hold MK + MP as last hit of Shunpukyaku hits), any kick button, Shouoken (F, D, DF + Any Punch), canceled into Sakura Rain (enter D, DF, F, D, DF, F + Any Punch button quickly after Shouoken begins its animations).

SFV Arcade Edition Sakura Strategy Guide

Low Medium Kick into HP Shouoken | The SFVAE Poking Game w/ Easy Hit Confirming

Best case scenario: You walk forward, roll the joystick to down while throwing a ducking medium kick.It connects, so you complete the motion and button press for a Heavy Punch Shouoken. If they manage to block, you can continue to poke at extended range with perhaps a heavy attacks, or finish the motion for a Shunpukyaku with a light or medium kick to bring the fight in-close. This set up allows you to control the range with your opponent a bit. By changing Haru Kaze to a v-skill, there is no chance for you to accidentally jump into an attack like in Ultra Street Fighter 4.

Tengyo Hadoken Mind Games | Sporadic Zoning or Anti-Air Strategy

When you are in the middle of a weak fireball game from medium range, you might want to try throwing a Tengyo Hadoken to throw off your opponent’s timing. They might jump into it. Throw it at Zangief from medium to short range to disrupt his lariat if not his jump-in attack.

Crossover with a medium kick.

Following up with a ducking fierce punch with Sakura is deadly as it stands the opponent up to take more hits.

By Garry Gordon (@GTVSlayer)

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