Workers by day, gamers by night. When we’re not making gaming products, we’re usually found online in a DOTA or Overwatch pub.

Each of us grew up playing a variety of engrossing and competitive games ranging from DOTA, TF2 and WoW to Call of Duty, Tekken and more. As we aged and grew into more encompassing and engaging games, we found a need for longer game sessions and a level of energy and focus we had not reached. Enter soda, coffee, and energy drinks.

In today’s competitive scene, we have each found our respective loves in gaming. We play Overwatch, Melee, DOTA 2 and any good fighter we can get our hands on. The competitors of these scenes are some of the best Esports has ever seen and with the stakes and skills rising, the need for increased energy and focus for clutch moments has risen as well. Enter Good Game Labs.

Coming from supplements, we see bodybuilders and athletes using stimulants and nootropics to help focus on their workouts, but these products are not fine tuned for the needs of a gaming session; they are made to increase pumps in the gym. With that in mind, we are not just recycling a product a bodybuilder would take and marketing it to competitive gamers - we created CRIT with the ideal gaming session in mind. We want your accuracy to be improved, your APM to be higher, and your overall awareness to be dramatically increased.

Expect to see Good Game Labs at majors, on stream, in your lobby, and at locals as we change the way Esports is played and shift the competitive scene to the next level.