Who is Rudy Briksza?

Hey everyone! My name is Rudy Briksza and I am primarily a Magic: The Gathering player. You might see me on any given weekend at a Grand Prix or an SCG Tour tournament battling. If you’re interested in watching a bit of what I do; I’m a big fan of watching the end of one of my first major wins at SCG Atlanta a few years back.

What am I doing here?

After some major changes in my life I’ve started working out, trying to eat a bit healthier, and started streaming again. I try to create a fun community with great music (and always looking for new music to add to the long list!). I also try to travel to tournaments on the weekends so if you’re ever there make sure to say ‘hi’. If you’re ever interested I also write articles every week to try and keep readers up to date on how the meta is shifting and what decks I’ve been playing.

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