Who is Marvelo?

Hey, my name is Michael Arvelo (Marvelo) and I love Marvel. I've been playing fighting games since I was a boy and only knew how to mash SPD and Gief and my brother only threw tiger shots. He mostly won, but that was the start of my competitive spirit. I joined the fighting game scene around 2011 with Marvel 3 and immediately fell in love. I found others that were obsessed with becoming the best. Throughout the years, I beat the best, won various tournaments, and became known by some as the best Strider in the universe! I made videos that gained a good amount of attraction that shared what I knew. You can check those out below.


I'm an avid member of the fighting game scene here in South Florida and even created the original facebook group which now has close to 1400 members. SFV left some to be desired and even though I competed hard in it, beating some top players at EVO and winning a free trip to Redbull Studios, Marvel is my love. It's in my name and now that Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite is around the corner, I plan to claim my rightful throne at the top of the scene and the world.

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