Introducing Nappyw3ave!

Hey everyone! My name is JC “Nappyw3ave” Knoop, and I am a variety streamer on Twitch. I mostly stream some type of shooter, and currently my sights have been set on PUBG. I started gaming early, and it quickly grew into one of my biggest passions. I have a long history in E-Sports, that started back about 10 years ago playing in MLG tournaments for the Halo Series.

I played for Team Impulse, back in my console years, and I’ve played in several major events like, Orlando 2009, Dallas 2010, the Summer Championship 2012 in Raleigh, and Anaheim 2014.

What’s Next?

Destiny 2 for PC will be my next big venture, as I plan to dominate in the crucible on launch. I couldn’t be more stoked to have GGlabs there to support me in this journey. I plan to be a force on Twitch, and in the online gaming community as a whole. Catch me live, or check out my clips / stream highlights at

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